Google Chrome is a great program, but it occur errors, crashes and hangs. In this case it is better to just restart the browser and start working again. Simply Chrome will tell you how to do it easily and quickly.

The Chrome browser has always distinguished excessive appetite for system resources. Sometimes he manages to completely fill all available RAM and load some tasks to the CPU. The computer begins to slow down and asks for your immediate help.

The easiest way to stop this mess just reboot Chrome. Most of the users may close the program and then starts it again using the shortcut on the desktop or in the taskbar.

But there is another, faster way of restarting the browser. Not everyone knows that to perform this operation, you can simply type in the address field of the command chrome://restart. Doing it manually is not absolutely necessary, as you can save it as a bookmark on the favorites bar.

  1. Make a bookmark of any page.
  2. Click the right mouse button and select the shortcut menu command “Edit…“.
  3. Type in the URL chrome://restart, and in the Name field, any name that you like.

how to restart chrome

Before using this method “revival” of the Chrome browser, keep in mind that all entered data on open tabs may be lost.

Therefore, before you restart the browser, make sure that you saved your texts, comments, posts and so on. This method can help you to restart your Chromebook or Chrome OS.

How to restart Chromebook

At the same time press Refresh button and Power button on your Chromebook to carry out a “cold” restart the device.