Google Chrome updated to new stable version 56, which continues the fight against Flash and HTTP. Will talk about what you notice yourself, and you’re welcome. Google traditionally don’t like to talk about their work, so the official list of changes there.

First, Google continues to force websites to switch to SSL, i.e. encrypted traffic. In the last version, they began to write “Safe” next to the site address with encryption. 56 in this version went further and included gray dice “Unreliable” at those HTTP websites contain forms for entering a password or credit card numbers. We will remind that in the end, Chrome plans to mark the scary red lettering all sites that do not work on HTTPS, but it started small.


Secondly, we have already talked about the desire of developers of Google Chrome gradually replace the Flash content. In the last version, they have included 1% of the users manual confirmation to start the Flash. And only for first-time visited websites. In the new version they planned to rascality this change for all people. There is no accurate information, whether they did it.

Third, they supported a bundle of new APIs and CSS for web developers. For example, position:sticky. Full list here.

As well as traditional vulnerability fixes (51) and payment of rewards to people who reported (thousands of dollars). So don’t forget to upgrade to Google Chrome 56.