Soon Google browser will be left without application support. The internet giant has informed the developers about upcoming changes. The cause of failure of additional options is its low demand. The users mostly did not run the application.

The support of Linux, Windows and MacOS utilities are going to disappear from Chrome while Google Chrome OS will be left because of the lack of possibility to use complete programs and the unique features of the service.

The applications were added to browser in 2010. They were some kind of transitional element between standard extensions and computer utilities. That was why they were not popular enough. After six years of existence there was only one percentage of those who were using them.

There are a few stages needed to end the application support for Chrome. The process begins with Web Store catalog. Since December, the applications available will only be seen through Chrome OS. Since July of the next year, the utilities will disappear all over the browsers. In 2018, Google will remove installation applications completely. Future Chrome versions will be releasing without them.

The process does not affect the Chrome OS. However, the number of applications will possibly decrease after that because it is less interesting for developers to create the projects under the only one platform.