Recently Google has released Android stable version of Chrome 55 with a deferred read, and with it began testing Chrome 56 beta. This version includes some very important innovations. One of them is support for the Web Bluetooth API, so using a web application you can manage various Bluetooth-enabled devices. At the moment the feature is still in beta, but developers can already use it in their websites. It is important to note that communication is only supported by Bluetooth Low Energy.

For example, with Web Bluetooth API through a browser you can manage toy drone BB-8.

To access the manage Bluetooth devices using Chrome has not received the attackers, this function is only available on websites protected with HTTPS Protocol. In addition, the user needs to perform the corresponding action, for example, press a keyboard key to start the search for devices around.

Other changes in Chrome 56 Beta:

  • sites that use the Notifications API can now display images in notifications;
  • PaymentRequest API, introduced in Chrome 53, you can now request a user name and method of delivery;
  • spell check in text fields is now enabled by default on Android devices with at least 512 MB of RAM and the system dictionary;
  • Chrome will block pop-up Windows triggered by clicking the scroll on the touch screen.