When Google earlier this year announced support for Google Play and Android apps in Chrome OS, for some time all started to talk about this operating system. But the implementation of these functions is extremely slow, and so far only a few Chromebooks received support for Android applications.

It seems that soon will again be an occasion for discussion, as resource “Chrome Unboxed” found in the code of Chrome OS that at least one of the new Chromebooks will be able to constantly listen to the user waiting for the command “OK Google”.

UPSTREAM: ASoC: rockchip: Add support rt5514 dsp summy dailink

This patch can attach automaticlly rt5514 spi DAI with driver name "rt5514"
in the snd_soc_find_dai process. Turn this feature on, we can enable the
voice wake up via rt5514 dsp for RK3399 Gru Boards.

— — — — — — — —

TEST-ONLY: ASoC: rt5514: check wakeup via gpio irq handler

This patch just to test the rt5514 wakeup feature in DSP mode,
and attach the firmwares that include the keyword which is

Chrome OS has long has support for “OK Google”, but this feature only worked when the computer was active. But the new code indicates the possibility of waking the device by voice even when the screen is completely off.

This is just the first step to the appearance of the voice assistant Google Assistant Chrome OS. It is quite likely, because in addition to smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL assistant is also available on the smart column Google Home.