In May 2016 there was a conference Google I/O 2016 in Mountain View. Google announced Android apps and Play Market in Chrome OS. A few days before this event, users found some of the lines in the file of Chromium project, which reported about this.


After that, Chrome OS 53 DEV update was starting launch new function on Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Chromebook R11 and Google Chromebook Pixel. In “Advanced sync settings” was coming new settings for syncing apps in Google account. Further, this features gets into beta and then stable version. At the moment we know that Google added support Google Play Market on Samsung Chromebook 3, Dell Chromebook 13, HP 13 and ASUS C301SA.

In addition, Google has information about the devices and installation instructions:

Chromebooks that support Android apps

How to install Android apps on Chromebooks

First screenshots Android apps





Features of Android apps

  • Applications run in an isolated container in which to run a full Android environment that can run any unmodified Android applications, including interacting with the hardware and is written using the NDK in languages other than Java;
  • Android applications can be displayed in three different window sizes;
  • Users can work with several Android applications in different floating Windows and full-screen mode;
  • Seamless sharing of keyboard, mouse, and touch input;
  • The possibility of withdrawal notifications in the Android environment Chromebook;
  • In Android applications, you can use support for Wifi and Bluetooth;
  • Funds are available for sharing files between applications Chrome and Android;
  • Maintaining high performance for demanding applications such as gaming and system design.

chrome os change channel

If you want to try new functions, you must to do instruction below:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Then go to “About Chrome OS
  • Check “More Info”
  • “Change Channel”
  • Pick the “Developer channel”

The device will download the update packs and notify you to reboot for finishing the installation process.