Google has added some important and necessary function in the desktop operating system Chrome OS, which, however, is not found. Thus, in recent OS versions for developers of Chrome OS Canary (58.0.3007.0) an opportunity to chromebook unlock using the fingerprint scanner.

A new feature called “Quick unlock” (Quick Unlock) can be activated through the chrome://flags. Its description is as follows:

This sets up interrupt line used by the fingerprint sensor on Gru. Note that spidev driver does not use it, but the real driver will.

Once activated, you can configure the innovations that are available for use on the lock screen via the settings of your operating system. At the moment the user can only register up to five different fingerprints.

So, Chrome OS has got another feature, already available on iOS, Android, Windows, and more recently — and on macOS. In particular, one of the features that distinguish the MacBook Pro 2016 from all the other Apple computers is scanner Touch ID-enabled biometric authentication.

It is worth noting that while Google has equipped with fingerprint scanners smartphones Pixel and Nexus, she, like other companies, has not released any grombala with such a sensor. However, now the development is at least one chromebook with a biometric scanner — presumably they will get the next version of the Chromebook Pixel.

Recall that a few months ago Google added to Chrome OS the ability to unlock the computer by using a PIN.

Parasochka Artem