It is obvious that Google is beginning to alter Chrome OS for touch screens. Relatively recently, Chromebooks got the compatible with most Android apps, and now “the search giant” intends to make its OS more not less significant change.

Changes are already available in the Canary build of Chrome OS, which is aimed at testers and developers, except it is more experimental than beta. In the latest development builds of Chrome OS, the company is 100% redid the UI closer to Android. In 2015 and 2016 in the Internet were rumors that Google plans to combine Android and Chrome OS.

The interface consists of a launcher with search bar, when you swipe up, the user gets access to more apps, as in Android, you can also use voice search. With all this, the creators promise to bring the program to greater excellence, making it less comfortable than Android.

Obviously, if Apple drew a clear distinction between iOS and macOS, Google is making every effort for gluttony Chrome OS and Android into one.