Adobe has made this week a very important announcement to all owners of Chromebooks. American software developer has announced that a branded Android app in the coming weeks will be updated and will be available on Chrome OS.

This decision was made in collaboration with Google to promote Chromebooks in schools. Companies want to give pupils and students the opportunity to be more creative using applications for graphics and processing photos on the big screen.

Support for Chrome OS will soon gain the following applications:

  • Photoshop Mix;
  • Lightroom Mobile;
  • Illustrator Draw;
  • Photoshop Sketch;
  • Adobe Comp CC;
  • Creative Cloud Mobile.

Adobe hopes that its application will be to inspire people, especially students, to use branded content in creative projects. Later this year the company plans to add support for Chrome OS in an even greater number of apps available on Android.

Recall that all new devices on Chrome OS will ship with support for Google Play and Android apps. In addition, in 2017, the expected emergence of tablets running Chrome OS.