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Chrome OS 57 what’s new?


Google introduced the release of the operating system Chrome OS 57, based on the Linux kernel, system Manager, upstart, Assembly tools ebuild/portage, and open components web browser Chrome 57. The user environment is limited to the Chrome OS web-browser, and instead of the standard programmes involved web-apps, however, Chrome OS includes a full multi-window interface, […]

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New Google Chrome 57 Stable update


Google released a stable channel in the next version of its Chrome browser, this time at number 57. It is available on all supported operating systems, including Windows, Linux and macOS. Chrome 57.0.2987.98 is currently the latest stable version of the browser, receiving a number of new features and improvements, which became known at the […]

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Chrome OS has received support fingerprint scanner


Google has added some important and necessary function in the desktop operating system Chrome OS, which, however, is not found. Thus, in recent OS versions for developers of Chrome OS Canary (58.0.3007.0) an opportunity to chromebook unlock using the fingerprint scanner. A new feature called “Quick unlock” (Quick Unlock) can be activated through the chrome://flags. […]

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